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Baby Essentials  

Our mission is for Parents to have information and products which helps them to understand how to care for their babies in an easy and practical way

Information about the Founder

Jaycinth Myers-Bachmann affectionately known as “JC” has been a midwife since 1973. She an author, inventor and founder of Asborne  LLC
JC practice ranges from delivering babies in hospitals, birthing centers and homes. JC also has been caring for mothers and their new borns in hospitals and homes. 
As a midwife delivering babies and teaching parents to care for their new born for the last 45 years, she has seen the need for parents to have information and products that are practical. JC has strived to provide them with the solutions and products they need to care for their new born. 

Parents concerns for cord and belly button care  

Parents have shared their fears and concerns about caring for the umbilical cord with JC. She has found that their main concerns were; the fear of touching the umbilical cord or it is too gross to touch, also that maneuvering the cord during cleaning may hurt the baby.
It is evident that most of umbilical cord care originates from historic practices which have all failed to be effective. The recommendation now is another trial “leave the cord alone”.  This is not the answer either.
Sometimes the cord and belly button gets soiled with urine and stools, by not removing the stools and urine creates the perfect environment for umbilical infections. 
It has taken JC 45 years of diligent, persistent, hard work with parents in caring for their new born to successfully find the solution to care for the umbilical cord and belly button.    THE CORD-UMBI