Cord - Umbi Reviews

When I brought my twin newborns home from the hospital, I was first introduced to CORD-UMBI. As a first time parent, I was absolutely terrified to clean the umbilical cord and worried about any possible infection if the cord stump was not cleaned properly. This magnificent product allayed all of my fears. Its size and ergonomic design made cleaning around the umbilical cord a breeze and easily eliminated any risk of infection. Thank you CORD-UMBI!
Jill F.
Excited to be a new dad but cleaning umbilical cord was not on my to do list. The Cord- Umbi was introduced to us. I loved it! My fear was gone and the race in my house was who first would get the Cord-Umbi to get to clean the umbilical cord. Great product, highly recommended!
The CORD-UMBI gave me the confidence and security that I needed to ensure that I was safely cleaning my twins umbilical cords. It was so easy to use and the perfect tool to help me clean their cords properly. I highly recommend it!  CORD-UMBI is not only for mothers, but also for fathers and any caretakers.
Natalie F.
The Cord-Umbi umbilical cord cleaner made caring for my baby's cord extremely easy. Although I am a medical professional, cleaning my baby's cord properly was daunting. The Cord-Umbi ensures that the cord is clean and infection is avoided. imagine cleaning the cord with out not having to physically tug, pull or even touch the cord itself !! Highly recommended.

Book Reviews

The Virtual Baby Nurse is an absolute must read when bringing a newborn home.  JC hits on all of the important topics that come up in the first year of life.  Her expertise and simple instruction make this book a pleasure to read, especially considering a mother's lack sleep during the first few months of the baby's life.  From feeding, sleep and schedules, this book provides all of the correct advice on how to care for your child.  If you are not lucky enough to have JC in your home, this book will give you the confidence and security as if she is standing right next to you.  Love her always! 
Courtney P.
As a first-time Mom, I found JC's books incredibly helpful. They were not only clear and to the point; covering all of the important issues, but they were also encouraging and positive. JC speaks to you through her books and you can feel her love and support. JC is a true baby whisperer and is full of practical knowledge from her medical background. This knowledge is supported by her deep-seated wisdom that comes from years and years of hands on experience.
Devon K.
JC's book gave me the confidence to care for my infant twins. It helped me place them on a solid feeding/sleeping schedule which we adapted and stuck to their first years. I consulted the book each time we had an issue and it always had an answer. I would highly recommend it for parents-first timers and beyond.
Nicole R.
JC's books are an indispensable resource for any parent.  It's like having her right there with you sharing her vast knowledge of infant care with warmth and kindness.
Sally Pinkerton, Aspen, CO.
JC has written the instruction manual that should come with every newborn. JC is a baby whisperer. In her handbook she shares wisdom that can only come from experience. Through the written words you can hear JC's soothing voice which calms your nerves, answers your questions and gives relief to your fears. A new baby is a gift and a joy. JC's handbook helps you to experience that. The book is simple and well organized to be able to refer back over and over. If you cannot experience working with JC this book is the next best thing. 
Liza & Jon G.
The virtual baby nurse: feeding  guidelines was a lifesaver! Initially it is difficult to know how much and how often to feed your baby. This book not only provides guidance for feedings, it also teaches you various feeding positions for both breast and bottle feeding and how to recognize when your baby needs more intake and when they are satisfied. Successful feedings were directly correlated to my baby's happiness. My favorite part of this book is the 24 hour log! It is an easy way to keep precise records of your babies feedings, intake and output. It helped me to recognize patterns and get to know my baby so I was always one step ahead of him. It also helped me recognize and keep track of when he was having a growth spirt and when he was able to stretch to a four hour feeding schedule - very exciting for a new (sleep deprived!) parent. At six weeks old, I continue to log daily and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future!
Daniela Helitzer , Au.D  Doctor of Audiology
While becoming a new parent is wonderful and exciting, it can also be extremely overwhelming and even a little bit scary.The virtual baby nurse book gave me the knowledge I needed to feel confident in my care for my new baby. From common illnesses and rashes, to a recipe for homemade pedialyte the virtual baby nurse has it all. The book keeps you one step ahead of your baby so you are always prepared to provide the best care for your new bundle of joy. I read the book before my baby was born and refer back to it on a daily basis.
Daniela Helitzer , Au.D Doctor of Audiology

We got the books - they are GREAT - very easy to read and informative. I feel less stress that I can reference them….Thank you so much!
Kim Freeman mother of 2 week old
My baby eats well, sleep well and is a pleasure to be around all because of JC’s techniques
Michele Cutler
"As a first time Mom, I found JC's books incredibly helpful...they were not only clear and to the point-covering all of the important issues, but they were also encouraging and positive. JC speaks to you through her books and you can feel her love and support. JC is a true baby whisperer and is full of practical knowledge from her medical background. This knowledge is supported by her deep seated wisdom that comes from years and years of hands on experience". 
“Having a new baby couldn’t be that difficult, right? Well, I was wrong! After two weeks our sleepless night with our baby JC books came to our rescue. After a few days my confidence was replaced and mommy and baby are much happier.
Valrie Pearce, MSW, LCSW
I would advise any new mother to get both of these two books. They have become the new coffee table books in our home. I use the books as quick reference before I call the doctors or get upset. I made these books my staple gift to all my friends who are expecting and to those having problems with their newborn. The books give you a an approach on how to keep your baby happy. Thank you for writing books that are easy to read and very informative to every mother.
Sarah Berrard
This is our first child; We had no clue on baby care! Finding answers to our many questions was of great importance. We were referred to the Virtual Baby Nurse books by several sources. We were thrilled to see the comprehensive knowledge on baby care memorialized in such an easy to understand format. These books are the tools for baby care. We highly recommend these books to parents, they will be better by it.
As a mother of an 18 months old boy and a 3 month old girl, I was introduced to The Virtual Baby Nurse Books with my second baby. I found the books to be very informative and invaluable in understanding my daughter better as well as her needs. The feeding chart is  a  wonderful tool that helps me keep tract of my daughter’s schedule while caring for a toddler and an infant. I sure wish I had the privilege of owning these books with the birth of my first baby. What a blessing they are.
Jeannie Hudson, mother of two.
First time mother of twins, I was overwhelmed. “JC has saved the day” The Virtual Baby Nurse Books are great resource. The explicit instructions answered all my questions and gave me the confidence I needed to care for my twins. I highly recommend these books, they are priceless to every mom.
Lexie Potamkin Author, Human Rights Advocate, Former Miss World USA