Thumble Wearable Baby Nail File - New Baby Pack


The Thumble wearable baby nail file 'New Baby Pack' is the perfect nail care solution to file your baby's tiny and delicate nails from birth. A newborns nails grow so fast and incredibly sharp too. Filing your baby's nails is recommended to keep babies nails short and clean and will avoid any accidents nipping your baby's skin when using baby nail clippers. The Thumble has a flexible fit to fit all sizes of thumbs and an opening at the front for longer nails, making it comfortable to wear. Used regularly the Thumble is all that is needed for continued care of your baby's nails

The 'New Baby Pack' contains 

  • One Thumble
  • 15 Snap-off disposable nail files (3 sticks x five soft grit nail files)
  • Handy drawstring pouch for safe and easy storage.